“Wait for evil to take hold to remedy it, that disorder has taken over to deal with it, it’s like waiting until you’re thirsty to dig a well, wait for the battle to forge weapons. Isn’t it very late?”


(Huangdi Neijing Suwen)

My name is Roberta Bosa, Shiatsu chose me and I reciprocated it. Before running into the training path to make this one of disciplines my work, I have seen the benefits on me, feeling the profound transformation that it has the ability to bring.

I then obtained the three-year diploma with the I.R.T.E. Institute of Milan (www.shiatsuirte.it) and with the same school the two-year Master of improvement, to deepen the technique of the discipline.

I also passed the FISIeO federation exams (www.fisieo.it) to enter the Shiatsu Operators Register, thus becoming a Professional and accessing a continuous training course for a higher quality of my work.

Shiatsu that takes place in spazio meta is a gentle, painless Shiatsu that works gradually and progressively on the appearance disharmonies and respects the reaction times of the body-mind system of each.

I work on the energy lines that cross us: our system is in fact made up of a dense network of invisible communication that occurs through energy channels, or meridians.

Meridians flow throughout our body, from the surface to the deeper layers where the organs are located and vice versa, putting the various parts in communication and bringing them together in a single organism.

My work considers the recipient’s goals and a lot value is given to the spoken word, through which the operator inquires about quality of the recipient’s well-being, partly by reconstructing his path, supporting him and finally accompanying him towards the point of best balance.

It is always important to clarify that the Shiatsu operator respects the relationship between the person and his/her doctor, avoiding to oppose with value judgments that put the recipient himself in difficulty.

My studio has always been happy to collaborate with doctors, specialists and other therapeutic figures, confirming how Shiatsu, over time and more and more frequently, has become an appreciated auxiliary discipline.

I’d like to show you what shiatsu can do for you.