Massage ritual


What to do if you want to receive a Shiatsu massage? Call to schedule your session and be on time at the appointment: the punctuality of those who precede you and those who will come after you is what allows me to dedicate myself exclusively to your story when you will be welcomed.

Bring a comfortable change, preferably cotton or natural material made. In my studio there is space to wash and freshen up if you come directly from work and no one will have access to the treatment room as long as your session is in progress. In light of the Covid-19 provisions on hygiene and safety, I inform you that rooms are ventilated and disinfected after each treatment, as well as hand/foot disinfectants, disposable wipes, surgical masks and disposable towels remain at your disposal.

Once in comfortable clothes, which can be shorts and a T-shirt or even a jumpsuit, I will take you in the room where you will receive your treatment. I practice Shiatsu on the ground, so after a cognitive interview, I’ll let you lie down on the futon (you can see the photos to get an idea) and from that moment you can relax and let me take care of you, thus giving you your own time.

Remember that Shiatsu is not a massage but a treatment; the difference is in the effect it will have over time, continuing to work even in the days following the session.

Once finished, I’ll give you a few minutes to wake up and after a quick exchange of words we can take our leave.
Usually a session lasts 1 hour.